FITGEN aims at developing a functionally integrated e-axle ready for implementation in third generation electric vehicles. It is delivered at TRL and MRL 7 in all its components and demonstrated on an electric vehicle platform designed for the European market (A-segment reference platform). The e-axle is composed of a latest generation Buried-Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine, driven by a SiC-inverter and coupled with a high-speed transmission. It is complemented by a DC/DC-converter for high voltage operation of the motor in traction and for enabling super-fast charging of the 40 kWh battery (120 kW-peak) plus an integrated AC/DC on-board charger. The e-axle also includes a breakthrough cooling system which combines the water motor/inverter circuit with transmission oil. The FITGEN e-axle delivers significant advances over the 2018 State of the Art:

Graphical chart of Fitgen objectives

FITGEN aims to develop a functionally integrated e-axle ready for implementation in the third-generation electric vehicles (i.e., 2025 and beyond), with a TCO of -2.7% against the 2018 baseline and a production cost of the e-axle at 2,021 €/unit at 200,000 units/year production rate. It is designed to be brand-independent and to fit different segments and configurations of electric vehicles, including hybrids. The FITGEN consortium includes one car-maker and three automotive suppliers for motor, power electronics, and transmission, reproducing the complete supply chain of the e-axle. Their expertise is leveraged by the partnership with research institutions and academia, constituting an ideal setup for strengthening the competitiveness of the European automotive industry.

Graphical chart of Fitgen work packages